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There when you need them, out of the sight when you don’t


Screen Doors for French Doors – Elegantly Functional

You have beautiful French doors, the last thing you want to see is an ugly swinging screen covering them. Apollo french door screens are designed with modern lines and an attention to detail - they practically disappear when you don’t need them. Even when you have them out, you can hardly see them!

French Door Screens – Effortlessly Smooth and Easy

Apollo screens for french doors are custom fit and hand made for your existing double doors. Each and every retractable screen is professionally measured, custom built, and installed by factory trained installers. Covered by a limited lifetime warranty they are incredibly smooth to operate and are the upgrade your french doors have been waiting for.


Retractable Screen for French Doors – The Modern Solution

Sleek, modern lines were as important to our design as the function. We achieved it without sacrifice. Metal, die-cast handles built for looks as well as feel complement the design, making a cool, must-have addition to your home rather than an ugly screen door.

Screen Door for French Doors – A Single Screen Solution

Thanks to Apollo screen’s superior engineering featuring slow close technology, we are able to offer a single screen solution for doorways up to 65” in width. The perfect solution for balcony and hallway doors, we are one of the only french door retractable screen doors that can elegantly and functionally cover a double door with a single screen.

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