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Large Opening Screen Doors San Diego

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Meet Athena, our patent pending motorized screen and shade system specifically engineered for large doorways
With the push of a button your outdoor - indoor space changes. Designed to be fast ( you don’t want to wait to walk out the door),
Athena is a major step forward in large format screen doors. Strong enough to take a beating, and elegant enough to add a serious wow factor to your home, You’ll finally be able to use your doors as you originally intended. If you are looking for the ultimate door screen, you can stop now- you’ve found it.


Screen or Shade, we can do both! Athena is the first large format retractable screen door that isn’t just about screen mesh. You pick! Supermesh for bugs, solar mesh, or even dimout by twitchell for maximum privacy. It's the first of its kind, a motorized side to side screen that is stronger than any other retractable screen door. Call us today to discuss how we can bring your home to the cutting edge of indoor/outdoor spaces.

20 Foot Span
Pet Resistant


Our zipper locked mesh is strong. Really strong! You can kick it, push it - it’s meant to be pet resistant. We start with supermesh- not fiberglass mesh, and use a sonic weld to reinforce the edges with vinyl. We all love our furry friends, and sometimes we want a breeze but need to keep them safe and inside, or outside and out of the kitchen. Athena motorized screen doors make an instant barrier with real protection.Try that with a manual screen door, wait- you can't!

A Massive Breeze Without Bugs

Having a grand bifold or stacking door really changes your lifestyle. It also invites in lots of bugs. Now you can have a fast, convenient, and elegant solution. Athena won’t take away from the wow factor- it adds to it. Welcome to the future of motorized screen doors. We can help you elevate your space in a matter of weeks- custom cut and installed. Seamless, smooth and so very practical.